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Pretty neat stuff!


Heya! The download link isn't working! Would love to play/record the game!

Hi! Sorry about that, we are working on fixing the download right now, and it should be up by this evening.

We've also made new updates and did some bug fixing on the game, so we'd love for you to check out our new build tomorrow! (9/18)

Thanks for letting us know, and we'll be posting updates on build status as things come up!

Upon checking today, the download still doesn't work :(

Unfortunately the dropbox links keep expiring; we will be hosting the build via another source in order to permanently solve the issue. Thanks for your patience!

Sad that this still isn't working :(


Please make sure you have adblock/pop up blocker disabled, others are able to download currently so that is most likely your issue. The game is confirmed to be able to be downloaded at this time.