A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the October Unreal Engine 4 Mega Jam

Theme: "Settle The Score"

-Release Date: 10/13/2016-

A platformer collect-a-thon about Etheria, a young maiden who seeks to break the cycle of sacrifice in her village.

Each year, the village sends out a maiden to be devoured by the mountain god in order to revitalize the crystal and keep out evil magic.

Etheria takes it upon herself to settle the score, and ventures out into the mountain...


  • Crystals to find and collect
  • Checkpoint system
  • Challenging puzzle/platformer elements
  • A whimsical fantasy world to explore!

Created by Umbral Knights

Programming/Gameplay Design: Cary Jasinski

Level/World Design: Christina D'Attomo

Sounds from FreeSound.org, Music tracks from OurMusicBox.com (Listed below)

Sourced Assets:

Fountain Water from "Ancient Cistern" pack - C media

Particles - Infinity Blade Particle Effects

Fantasy Light Post - Studio Enim

Hand Painted Forest Lite - Red Panda

Medieval Town Exteriors - Lylek Games

Angel Statue - Busina

Hand-painted fountain - Peter Schuster

HandPainted Cart - DeadlyCrow Games

Medieval Fantasy House - RobinTucker

Cartoon Lowpoly water well - antonio neves

Painterly Nature - Shapes

Nature Starter Kit 2 - Shapes

Adventurer Girl (main character) - H.S.

Forbidden Dungeons(purple crystal) - DLNK

Painterly Textures - Lightning in a Jar

jawharp_boing wav - plingativator

Ambient Forest Birds.wav -Motion_s

Forest Ambience.wav - thearxx08

Ambience, wind chimes.wav - InspectorJ

Floating in the midnight breeze - foolboymedia

Bridgnorth by Paul Lloyd (font)

Damage.wav - Qubodup

magic Sound 1.wav - Chocobaggy

Magic Wand Spell.wav - Timbre

Fantasy Demon Caves - 3dFancy


UmbralKnights_AdventuresOfEtheria.7z 207 MB


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Hey, this is a decent game. If made it so that it will have low system requirements, it would be much better! Plus, i recommend settings and a saving system in the game, even though it may increase game size, it will optimize the game quite a bit. Hope you see this comment! :)